To survive in the dark days of the Outbreak takes a lot of things, but some of the most important will be what you carry with you. If you run into a locked door, having a lock pick - or even a crowbar - can save your life. A set of keys to a working car means the ability to travel without the extreme risk of the undead at every corner.

Each player may pick 3 minor items - they must make sense and need to be explained in the characters background. However when it comes to major items you may only have 1 unless you take a trait which allows you to have additional equipment at the start. (See the Trait’s page.)

Note: All “Adult” characters are implied to have a wallet. This is important for characters with skills such as larceny or for those wishing to have sentimental items like photos.

Unless your good at McGuyver-ing things, these are only so useful as the guns you can load them into! You must specify which type your carrying and then the GM will roll to determine how many clips/bullets you have at the game start.

With this you can now carry even more stuff! Prepare to accept your future as group pack mule. This covers backpacks, hip-packs, messenger bags and even large purses. (You can hold 3 additional minor equipment items, this does not increase the number of starting equipment.)

Useful for taking pictures, so long as you have battery life and film...

Car Keys
The only use of this tool is that it can be used on 1 vehicle “out there somewhere” (unless you also take a car as your major equipment) and otherwise they are good for wearing grooves into things and making a jingle sound when you shake them...

Cell Phone
It can be as fancy or boring as you like, but the fact of the matter is there is no one to call but other “survivors” if your lucky. Worse? The power has been cut in most cities so your not likely to find a way to charge it anytime soon. However if your luck enough to keep a charge its at least useful for communicating with others you know have a phone, checking the weather, looking at photos and playing music.

Cosmetic Kit
Ever handy for ensuring your look and feel your absolutely most fabulous while combating the hungry dead! Typically far more practical for things like writing with lipstick, using perfume to confuse the undead or sending SOS signals with that versatile little mirror.

Eyeglasses Repair Kit
Tiny screwdriver, cleaner, all the itty bitty tools that you need to keep up your glasses. Naturally they can be applied to other things though.

First Aid Kit
This is a basic kit, the sort you would pick up at a super market. It has some butterfly stitches, gaze, medical tape, bandaids, etc. It can treat basic injuries but has nothing to kill the pain and it won’t save a man from something more critical then small scrapes, cuts and burns.

Like many things its only as useful as the batteries that power it, but a flashlight is handy when night creeps in and the dead get a heavy handed advantage because of it. The down side is that the dead will move towards a light if they see it.

Game System
You have a portable gaming system. It either runs off batteries (if its old school) or it needs regular recharging. Its less versatile then the cell phone because all it can do is play games but maybe it’d be handy to kill a long wait? Provided you play with the sound off...

You have an instrument. Unless its something small like a harmonica, then this useless treasure is taking up valuable inventory space and its only use is to make noise that lulls your comrades to sleep while summoning the creatures that want to consume them - no matter how bad you are at math its a lousy equation.

Liquor Flask
Maybe its a memento from a family member less fortunate then you are now, or maybe it was a left over reminder of the drinking you gave up, but now its full again and taking the edge off of all the chaos around you. Its full for now, but as you sip away at it you’ll run out and need more. Other survivors may also get cross with you for a variety of reasons.

A metallic pipe piece that can be used to bludgeon the dead back into the afterlife without drawing attention to you or other survivors with you. The obvious downside is you have to get in close and personal which increases your chances of being bitten or surrounded.

A length of rope which can be used to either tie someone down, tie a door closed or climb out of a window - etc. The uses are limited by ingenuity but the rope isn’t light!

Sewing Kit
Thread, needle, the small time basics to repairing damaged clothes - or if your creative you can sew up people.

You have a set of “personal wheels” which allow you to travel a little bit faster than typical foot speed but much slower then bikes or cars. While this is handy for getting around zombies, the truth is its not a silent method of travel so it will draw near by dead to your position (its no so loud it would bring them from all over town!) and you need at least some skill in athletics to use them without hurting yourself.

A little bizarre to carry if your not a doctor, or a child hoping to one day become one, but never underestimate the uses of it! After all, its better to listen to the sounds on the other side of a door before you open it, right? Oh, and there’s the standard medical applications naturally...

A little more useful then a laptop or phone for keeping an eye on the time. Typically it won’t matter if its 3pm or 7 am, but its super useful for knowing when sunrise and sunset are on their way with relative accuracy. Its also a great way to tell how long someone has been gone.

You have a small whistle, easy to conceal and noisy enough to call for help when needed. Just be careful, help isn’t the only thing likely to come towards all the noise you’ll make.

You possess a cross bow, compound bow, etc. You only have 1 quiver and the GM will determine how many arrows/bolts are in it at the start of game play. Archery has two advantages over guns: 1. They are quieter. The arrow doesn’t make much sound as it sails into the undead and thus doesn’t alert others. 2. Ammo. Not only can you go collect your used ammo, but its ammo type can be crafted if you have the supplies and skill.

The character has some type of body armor that affords them protection against being bitten by the undead. This is something more substantial then just “leather” jacket and as such is slightly encumbering, meaning your character moves slower and has less flexibility - the more protection the greater the burden.

This is a fire axe, basically a stick with a crude blade at the top. Useful as a silent weapon against the undead but full of many other applications such as opening doors, breaking chains or chopping wood.

A must for scouts and survivalists so you can see what’s coming before it sees you. You can only possess a basic model unless you have the merit “Military Grade”, then you can have ones with night/heat vision modes.

You are one of the rare few with a car that works. This allows you and anyone you so choose to travel across the decimated landscape with minimal fear of the dead. The biggest issue is that you can only go so far without gas. Eve ry gas stop is a chance to run into a zombie, a chance to be infected, a chance to lose more people... but that’s the trade off for mostly safe travel. Note: You must specify which kind of car you have.

While it has the same applications as the pipe (beating down enemies with minimal noise) it comes with the bonus of being able to pry things open, or to act as a hook to climb with.

You possess a pistol, either from a precious vocation or because you simply lucked onto one while escaping the hordes. Either way, its highly effective on the dead, more so if you aim for the head. The major down side is every shot calls half the damned city of zombies to your location. Oh, and there’s the pesky issue of ammo, without it your carrying a deadly paper weight. Note: Handguns can be used without the skill but the risk to hit allies, yourself or nothing at all is very high.

Knife (Machete, Combat, etc)
Your character has a bladed weapon of some nature. This could be a combat/hunting knife or it could even be a machete. Whatever it is, it will let your silently carve up the undead, cut ropes, make fries...

Laptop (or iPad)
In your possession is a lap top. It requires charing to be of any use and typically has a battery life of a few hours if your lucky. With the world in complete chaos it won’t help you much in terms of finding people or communications. What it can offer you as access to directions, emergency postings before locations closed down and if your any good at the hacking skill it can help you break into other mainframes as you encounter them.

Owned by smokers, pyromaniacs and lovers of the new age (and/or incense). Applications are versatile, as you might expect, since its creates fire. Downside, like many other things, is it will run out of fuel eventually.

Medical Supplies
You have a professional medical supply kit. This has syringes, antibiotics, anesthetic, scalpels, everything you might ever need to perform surgery on the go!

Military Grade Weapons
This is only accessible with the trait Military Grade (as you might expect). This allows you access to things like grenades, machine guns, military grade binoculars (see Binoculars) and other things of that nature. Naturally you can only carry so much so pick what you are carrying wisely. Note: You can only have 1 military grade item, treat it like the normal major equipment, meaning you can only have additional equipment if you purchase the Trait for it.

A small radio, ranging between hand held or carry-along. It needs batteries (or in some cases a wall socket) to work, but most survivors are using radio for transmissions with all the other major services being shut down. Its a lot more likely to contact the living then cell phones these days.

Rifle (Hunting, Sniper, etc)
Your character has a rifle of some nature. It can hit targets at long range and do a healthy dose of damage. Like all fire arms they are noisy and draw in the undead. Note: A rifle cannot be used by children. While they can be used without skill for it the risk to hit allies, yourself or nothing at all is very high.

The noisiest of the gun types by far, but also devastating at close range. Over distances the shotgun isn’t much more effective then a rifle or handgun, but at point-blank it can obliterate a target - making every hit a confirmed kill (or re-kill?). Note: Using the shot gun without the skill for it makes for two issues. 1. Your character takes a bruising with each shot since they do not know how to properly brace for the recoil. Two, as with other fire arms, there is a risk to hit allies, yourself or nothing at all which is very high.

This does not include a gun! You possess a silencer for fire arms, making their shots silent enough to not lure out the dead. Worthless without a fire arm to attach it to, but if you take the trait for more then one major equipment OR want a member of your group to love you this is a great idea.

Tool Kit
You have a tool kit, with screw drivers, wrenches, and all the things to fix up a car or other piece of equipment.